BERSY has been a leading designer and manufacturer of exhaust gas after-treatment systems for over 40 years.

After many years of research and development, Bersy continues to design new systems and technologies to reduce the industrial pollution caused by equipment such as: heavy goods machines, forklifts trucks and off-road vehicles.
BERSY is able to offer technologically-advanced solutions for the production of: particulate filters, SCR Systems, industrial and cogeneration Catalysts.
Thanks to many years of experience in the production of exhaust gas after treatment systems and the high quality control of production, Bersy has received the followings certifications: ISO 9001-2008, VERT and BAFU. Some particulate filters models are TRGS 554 compliant as well as Energy Saving Trust, London certified.

BERSY has also focused on the design and production of exhaust systems and accessories for marine applications, alongside its development and production of items for industrial applications.
BERSY is able to offer technologically-advanced solutions for the production of items such as complete exhaust systems, exhaust manifolds, risers, stainless steel silencers, insulation and compensators/flexible couplings.

Bersy qualified technical personnel designs and manufactures standard exhaust manifolds for marine applications, but bespoke products can also be made according to the customer’s specifications and design.
The exclusive use of selected, high-quality materials guarantees maximum strength and durability for all BERSY products.
Particular attention is paid to the aesthetic design and finish of the products, so that even the most demanding customers will be satisfied.

The need to respect and safeguard the marine environment is promoting the application of particulate filters for power generation on board. Bersy’s anti-particulate system is especially suitable for these applications as it guarantees a reduction of up to 99% in particulates.
Bersy has both technical know-how and cutting-edge equipment. It operates out of modern and functional premises with a surface area of 3000 square meters.